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99 Names of Allah  

Be convinced

Islam House - introducing Islam in many different languages

IslamiCity in Cyberspace

Islam - the Modern Religion

Islam - Questions and Answers

Islam Guide - A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam, Muslims, & the Quran

Islam Tomorrow - (Yusuf Estes - Priest and Preachers Entering Islam)

IslamCan - with many good stories

Islam Story- very resourceful on Islamic history and civilization

Jamal Badawi

On Islam

The Religion of Islam

Qur'an ( T - text and meaning ;A - audio recitation)



Meaning of The Qur'an (2), (3) by Maududi ( download )



Qur'an Explorer ( recitation in Arabic & English translation in text & audio )


Qur'an Index - Harun Yahya

Ulum al Qur'an  (Science of Qur'an) by Ahmad V. Denffer ( download )
Hadith & Seerah

Hadith Collection : Complete Sahih Bukhari, Muslim, Malik's Muwatta and Partial Abu Dawud

Life of Muhammad (pbuh) by Muhammad Husayn Haykal ( download )

Peace Be Upon Him - a comprehensive introduction to the life of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh), including his biography, his character, his credential, his relations etc.

The Prophet of Mercy - a very comprehensive program for introducing the Merciful Prophet Muhammad (pbup)

Rasulullah (p.b.u.h.)
Salat & du'a

Funeral, Ablution & Prayer ( flash)
illustrated Janazah Guide
Proper way to make du'a during prayer Islam Q&A

The Right Way to Pray  ( flash by IslamicFinder )


Hajj and 'Umrah ( )
Hajj at Channel 4 - with flash on "Virtual Hajj"

Education & Dawah

Internet Islamic History Sourcebook
International Islamic University Malaysia
Audio Visual Materials

Islamic Art

Bonner Design Consultancy  -  Islamic geometric patterns, architectural ornamentation

Crystal Cloud Graphics-Islamic Theme - free Islamic clipart 

Islamic Design  - geometry and pattern
Islamic Star Patterns

Topkapi  - museum in Istanbul with rich Islamic Art collection


Islamic Calligraphy

Islamic Calligraphy ( IslamiCity )

Styles of Arabic Calligraphy


Islamic Architecture

Islamic & Arabic Arts & Architecture

Muqarnas  - a 3D decoration of Islamic Architecture

Virtual Walking Tour  - panoramic photos of  Suleymaniye Mosque, Alhambra, Al-Haram Al-Sharif



Ka'bah Info - everything you want to know about Ka'bah

Jerusalem: An Islamic Perspective - by Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi

Mosques of the World - sacred destinations

Pictures of Makkah and Mediah


Flash & Nasheed etc.

Nasheed Islamic Songs

Nasheed Tube


Video & Broadcasting

99 Islam - a lot of good video lectures by Yusuf Estes and others

Al Qamar Designs - multimedia & links to good sites

IslamAlways - links to various sites hosted by Yusuf Estes and associates

IslamicTube - lots of video

Green Bird Media Productions - High Quality Lectures About Islam 

MeccaCentric - High Quality Lectures About Islam 

Muslim Channels TV

Women & Family

Gender Equity in Islam ( by Jamal Badawi )

Hijab Shop

Interview with Muslim Women
Muslim Names ( need to change name ; (1)(2)(3)(4) (5)(6)

Muslim Family - Resources on family life and parenting

Status of Woman In Islam by Dr. Jamal Badawi ( or 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 pdf)

Woman's Status in Christianity and Islam

Islam & Culture

Arab Science - A Journey of Innovation - by Qatar Foundation

Arabesco - dedicated to Islamic heritage and Muslim contribution science and knowledge

Islamic Golden Age - Wikipedia
Islam Illuminates the World - Harun Yahya

Lasting Miracle - very resourceful on Islam and civilization, medicine, environment, democracy etc. and rich library of ebooks

Muslim Contribution to Civilization - by Jamal Badawi

Muslim Heritage
Muslim Scientists & Civilization - 1000 Years of Missing History

Saudi Aramco World - to broaden knowledge of the cultures, history and geography of the Arab and Muslim worlds and their connections with the West.


Islam & Science

It is the Truth  ( 1 ), ( 2 ), ( 3 ), ( 4 ) pdf1    pdf2

Miracles of the Quran ( Harun Yahya )

Qur'an & Human Development - video of Sheikh Zindani on work of Prof. Keith Moore, highly recommended

Qur'an Miracles Encyclopedia (updated)
Science Leads to Islam

Scientists comment on the Qur'an comments of eminent Scientists of different fields

Secret of Quran Miracles - Site Of Abduldaem Al-Kaheel


A Brief Illustrated Guide To Understanding Islam (pdf)

Creation Science

Harun Yahya    ( more .... )


Muslim World - news & magazine

Al Jazeera Net 

Islamic History

Islamic timeline

Muslim News
MIFTAH- Your Key to Palestine


Organisation of Islamic Conference


Saudi Aramco World - magazine on Muslim and Arab culture, history and geography 
Muslim Population

An analysis of the World Muslim population by Country / Region (CIA World Factbook 2009)

Muslim Population Worldwide

Islam & Other Religions

Bible IslamIslam's Beliefs About Jesus, Bible, and the Christian Trinity
Comparative Religion - Islam 101
Gospel of Barnabas

Islam And Christianity - A Comparative Analysis  (The unofficial page of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat's literature )

Islam Cracks The Code - Da Vinci
Islamic Awareness
Islamic Research Foundation

Peace & Humanity : - compares various issues in Christianity and Islam. Sources mainly from Bible and Quran, for better understanding between Christians and Muslims.

Reality of God - by Dr. Laurence B. Brown

The Bible, The Qur'an and Science by Maurice Bucaille ( 2 )
Others : - Comparing and contrasting Christianity and Islam (Offers fairly encyclopedic definitions on most of the world's religions, striving for an even-handed treatment of disputes between denominations)

Stories of New Muslims (1) (2) (3) ( 4 ) ( 5 ) ( 6 , 7 video)
Torah True Jews Against Zionism

Welcome Back To Islam

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